Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Daily Food Report #27

These are five honest pictures.  This is what I actually ate yesterday.  Breakfast was the leftover eggs from the sandwiches my wife had made the night before.

Snack was the usual.  I ate it, but I wasn't even hungry for it when it was time.  I think there might have been more eggs in my breakfast than I thought.  I don't know.

Lunch was salad, chicken burger, and nuts.

Snack was the usual again.

And dinner was chicken burger, the rest of the salad, and nuts again.

And that's it.  When I got home, I was pretty hungry, but I didn't give in.  I didn't eat anything extra, and I especially didn't eat something without taking a picture of it.  This morning, my weight was coming back down considerably.  However, I think I'll be lucky to be even from week to week.  This week, I'm pretty sure I won't be losing weight at all.  We'll see tomorrow when I weigh in.

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