Monday, March 3, 2014

Daily Food Report #5

I didn't eat very well yesterday in a couple of different ways. I ate things I shouldn't have, and I didn't eat enough of what I should have. But anyway, I started out the day with something I shouldn't have...this bowl of carb-o-licious cereal. The box was almost gone, so I, being a dad, finished it off, because I knew it would sit in the pantry mostly empty for all eternity if I did not.

It was a pretty small amount of cereal at least.  I don't know how healthy Honey Bunches of Oats are, but it doesn't matter, because it's not in my diet.  Naughty.

When it's the weekend, I tend to forget to eat when I should...or eat all the time, but at least this reporting the prevented I didn't eat a snack.  Instead, I had this for lunch:

That's lunch meat and cheese rolled up together in a sort of a wrap-type thing.  I also  made my salad, which was the one really good thing I did yesterday.  I usually don't do that on weekends, so this was a major victory.

My finger got in front of the lens, and totally ruined the picture.   That's why it's so dark...and that's after fixing it up with a brightness boost.  Next, still for lunch was this spoonful of peanut butter.

I didn't have any almonds at home, so I needed some healthy fats.  Peanut butter is not the best choice, since it's almost always got sugar in it, and also it's pretty fatty.  But it's what I had.  Then I ate this:

That was not good.  That is basically a candy bar.  Carbs covered in chocolate.  Weee!  I was itching for a treat, and I guess I could have done worse.   I still managed to avoid the chocolate chip cookies that were in our home all weekend long, so that's a big victory.

I finished the day with a bunch of chicken nuggets.  My wife had worked Sunday morning, so she didn't want to cook anything.  I stepped in, like the dashing man that I am, and saved the day, making a frozen pizza for the kids, and nuggets for me.  I actually ate closer to twelve of them.  After I took the picture, I was given the rest of them to finish off.

So, there you go.  Not great, but not disastrous.  The salad was a good thing, because it took me all day to finish it off.  It wasn't until after dinner that I finally polished off the last of it, and it kept me...mostly...out of the naughty stuff.


  1. Weekends are so hard. They usually kick my ass too. You are doing great, though! Even with the "naughty" stuff, you aren't going crazy cookie monster, so you are doing well.

  2. Have you tried all natural peanut putter? Still protein and some fats, but like zero sugar. You just have to get over the fact that the oil separates out, that its OK, and you need to mix it up every time you have it.

  3. I used to have Adams All Natural Peanut Butter all the time when I was a kid. My mom would buy gigantic jars of the stuff at Costco. She'd bring it home, empty the whole bottle out into her Kitchenaid and mix it up, the put it back in the bottle. For the most part, we never had to mix it back together after that. On occasion, one of us kids would get impatient, and try to make a sandwich with the unmixed stuff, stirring the oil that sat on the top of the bottle in with a butter knife. That would work okay, but when you got to the bottom, the peanut butter left there would be pretty dang dried out.

    Anyway, I've considered going with the all-natural peanut butter in the past, but have yet to pull that trigger. My wife sounds like she might be getting more amenable to that idea. And she has a Kitchenaid of her own now. So, who knows.

    I really prefer the almonds though. I'll just have to get myself a stash of them to have at home, so that I don't run into that problem next weekend. The Jiffy was just a stopgap method to help me through the weekend.

  4. We always buy the Adams peanut butter and stirring with a knife just doesn't cut it (haha). I never thought to use the mixer. Your mom is brilliant!!