Sunday, March 23, 2014

Daily Food Report #25

I wanted to make up for my freak out of the night before, so I tried to stay on track with eating.  I made an omelette for breakfast.  But I saw that we had three different kinds of cheese in the cheese drawer in the fridge for some reason, and I decided that I had to include them all in my omelette.

Probably not good. I've been trying to avoid cheese for the most part recently, because I don't think it's a particularly healthy way to obtain protein.  But it's soooo good, that sometimes I give in.  I gotta cut this crap out.

I was busy doing a lot of chores and stuff, so I was pretty good, aside from the fact that I didn't eat enough most of the day.  At lunchtime, I had a sort of sandwich without a bun.  It was ham, cheese, lettuce, and tomato.  I ate two of these, the second one I put Mayo on.

Now, at some point in the day, I got out some M&M's to take a picture for the binge fest that I'd had the day before.  I wanted to be honest about what I'd done, and I hadn't taken pictures while I was at it, so I tried to recreate it all.  Of course, I wound up eating the big handful that I got out to photograph.

Way to go!

I did go running on Saturday.  My sister's been on my case to get going on the marathon training, so I went out and ran five miles.  It was much harder than it used to be in December when I was doing it every single day practically.  I struggled through it, and felt really tired and sore afterward.  My daughters wanted to go to the store to get themselves some chocolate, so I drove them, and got a Gatorade for myself while we were there.  That's 200 calories it turns out, but I think it did help me get re-hydrated.

Outside the store we went to, there was a troop of Girl Scouts selling cookies.  We bought one box of Samoas, and I had this cookie pictured, as well as one more before the night ended.

Not a huge deal, except that they are super high in calories, so two has gotta be the limit.

In the evening, it was time for our weekly date night, so my wife and I went to this place called The Wild Zucchini.  It's an interesting place where you can make Italian food to order.  They have a bar with a bunch of Sandwich Artist-types on the other side, and you tell them what you want, from sauce to vegetables to meat, and so on, and they put together your food for you.  I've been there once before, and had the noodle bowl.  This time I decided to get the piadina.

It's a wrap with noodles inside of it, so you can guess that there was a lot of carbs and calories in it.  I surely ruined everything by eating at this place tonight.  I should have forced my wife to eat somewhere else, but where?  I don't know restaurants well, because we've never been the types that eat out a lot.  So, let me pose this question to anyone who eats out enough to know better than me.  Where is a good place to eat out that is both nice and low calorie/low carb?  Should I just go to the steakhouse and order steak and veggies only?  Is there another good option?


  1. When we eat out we usually have sushi, not sure if you like that, but raw fish is pretty healthy and rice isn't too horrible.

  2. Sushi is something that, like most folks from western civilization, I am a little afraid of. Maybe that's not a fair judge of western civilization. I know several people who love sushi, so maybe I'm in the minority, actually. I don't know.

    However, me and my wife have been trying to try new things with our date nights. We had Indian the other day, and loved it. Maybe we could do the sushi thing one of these times to see whether we're missing out. I've lived such a sheltered life that there's tons of foods out there that I've never tried, but I'd like to change that.

    I can't just try everything though, because I don't want to get fat(ter) from these things though. Sushi, I doubt would do that, however.