Saturday, March 22, 2014

Daily Food Report #24

I waited too long to post this one.  I'm forgetting how Friday went.  Hopefully I can reassemble things from my memory okay, of course the pictures will help.  Let's see...

Started with my breakfast omelette.

Then I had my usual snack.

My lunch was the leftovers from our date night last Saturday.  I discovered them in the fridge after all this time, and decided that I would not let them go to waste, because they had been so yummy.  I ate all of mine, and this was just what was left of my wife's chicken masala.  Also, I had my salad, with a new addition, snow peas.  Mmmmm....snow peas are so friggin' good.  Too bad they're always so expensive.

I had my first M&M snack somewhere between lunch and dinner.

Don't remember why, but I never ate my snack for Friday afternoon.  Instead, I just went straight to dinner.  Which was a hamburger.  I ate it the same way I ate it Thursday, using my salad as the good stuff.  Tomato and lettuce added to each chunk, no bun.

When I went out to my car, I grabbed another handful of M&M's to snack on, and then I drove home.

That's where the trouble started.  I was itching for a treat...don't know why, but I pretty much lost all control.  I had a bowl of cereal, a small one, but still, I didn't need one at all.

The kids had a box of Wheat Thins out on the counter, and I had what you see in this picture about twice over.

Then I had a few Saltines.  My daughter was eating them, so so did I.  They're not even particularly good, but who cares, I was eating everything right?

Interspersed with all this crap, I also went out to my car about four times to get larger than usual handfuls of M&M's to eat.

I guess everybody has bad days, but this was particularly bad.  And it was the start of the weekend, which is always the hardest time for me to keep my eating under control.  Looked foreboding to me.

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